Why Winning?

Why Winning?

It’s a very fair question. When you decide to refurbish your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom you embark upon a journey that’s almost life changing. You will enter into a partnership with a company who you will have to trust completely and who will be there for you when you need it most, who know what they are talking about and have the experience to back it up

WINNING KITCHENS & BEDROOMS was established in January 1971. It was run by cabinet maker Johnny Poynton, his sons, Kevin who started in the cabinet making business and preferred selling them rather than making them, his eldest son John who is a carpenter by trade and his son-in-law Tom  who came in to run the accounts department. More recently Kevin’s son, Antony, decided to join the company and has added his superb computer skills to enable us to produce what can often be mistaken for photographs of some of the beautiful work we have done over the past years.

Since that date the same family has run the company, which is now in its Third Generation. No changes of holding Company, No name change, never been bankrupt or dissolved (touch wood) and always in the same spot on Winnington Lane.

Our Philosophy

  • We own our land and our premises
  • We employ our own time served tradesmen
  • We take full responsibility for all our work
  • We can take care of plumbing, joinery, electrics, tiling and flooring
  • We can project manage building work and plastering
  • We design and prepare detailed drawings for your complete satisfaction with almost photographic quality so you can see it before it happens.
  • We are ALWAYS cost conscious
  • We do not make our own furniture- we have it manufactured in the most up to date, modern factories in Germany and Holland giving very high quality products – just look at our furniture and see the difference
  • We use only Branded products
  • We have a very unique payment system tailored to each individual client and discussed personally with every client before we start.
  • We operate in a very friendly, relaxed and convivial atmosphere, there’s always a coffee or a cup of tea to hand (and sometimes even a biscuit)
  • References are always available either to speak with or to see (by appointment)

We don’t…

  • Release our plans and drawings from the showroom (ask us Why)
  • Knock up carcases in the warehouse and pass them off as ‘bespoke’
  • Buy in doors from “A.N. Other” and put them on cheap cabinets to pass them off as a higher quality than they are
  • Increase our prices in order to give a discount to make it look like a good deal
  • Use gimmicks
  • Use high pressure selling

So, after the heartache of doing the rounds, consider this: Quality Never Goes Out of Fashion. That’s why if you look at all of the letters and cards we receive that are dotted around our showroom you’ll realise, ‘Why Not WINNING?’